FATECreator: "This shirt didn't originally say 'COOL,'... >>>
FATECreator: Thanks for the advice guys! Even though it is my first... >>>
FATECreator: Just recieved my first graphic's tablet about... >>>
FATECreator: As is tradition when I make art, I tend to only notice... >>>
FATECreator: Whoops, left in the white streak from when I was duplicating... >>>
FATECreator: This is the uncensored version of the "Live from... >>>
FATECreator: Excellent rendition Mooot! Now all we need is that... >>>
FATECreator: Changed the color of the fangs, added shine to the... >>>
FATECreator: Fraser as Cave Story's protagonist (his name's... >>>
FATECreator: Might later on change the color of his fangs-white... >>>
FATECreator: Alright so because I didn't realize I hadn't... >>>
FATECreator: Actually-I fucked the brown around the eyes with this... >>>
FATECreator: I completely redid the shading in this version to make... >>>
FATECreator: Oh my god that logo is perfect for the show! >>>
FATECreator: You've met with a terrible fate haven't you? >>>
FATECreator: Two abbreviated forms of VGA's current Logo. The... >>>
FATECreator: So when do we start getting these produced and sold... >>>
FATECreator: Been working on some sprites recently, reworked one... >>>
FATECreator: I noticed in Touhou 14.5 how one of Futo's intro... >>>
FATECreator: Per the Vermintide episode, Fraser Agar as a dwarf,... >>>
FATECreator: Notes: After the trial yesterday (Trials and Tribulations:... >>>
FATECreator: Captain Blow, most feared captain of the thousand sea's... >>>
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