1075: Overwatch logo vga

Overwatch logo vga // 2329x1548 // 19.5KB

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FATECreator: Oh my god that logo is perfect for the show!

1074: logo vga zelda

logo vga zelda // 1200x408 // 24.3KB

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FATECreator: You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?

1073: Fraser,Frash,RadLaddy

Fraser,Frash,RadLaddy // 429x686 // 404.6KB

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RadLaddy: (Real Size)

1071: video_games_awesome

video_games_awesome // 128x128 // 1.4KB

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FATECreator: Two abbreviated forms of VGA's current Logo. The top one is made to scale with the official logo, the bottom version is slightly modified to have a more pronounced 'V', which also causes the 'A' to become a tad elongated as well.

1070: Rubber_Ducky Spaceduck glare mooot

Rubber_Ducky Spaceduck glare mooot // 1400x1400 // 1001.7KB

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mooot: Everybody's favorite murderous badass quacker.

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FATECreator: So when do we start getting these produced and sold in the VGA Shop?

1069: Animal Blow Crossing becky pixel_art

Animal Blow Crossing becky pixel_art // 128x128 // 58.3KB

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FATECreator: Been working on some sprites recently, reworked one of them to create Becky's Animal Crossing character. Could not get a good looking plaid design without it looking really odd so I opted for just a pure red shirt instead.

1067: dickwad

dickwad // 480x270 // 1.3MB

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FATECreator: I noticed in Touhou 14.5 how one of Futo's intro sequences resembles the double "Dickwad!" guns, ergo it only felt fitting to make this.

1061: Spooky_Buddy Turbobuddy mooot spooktoberfest

Spooky_Buddy Turbobuddy mooot spooktoberfest // 1200x1280 // 439.1KB

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mooot: due to dayjob stress only 25 spooky turbobuddy renditions of game a movie monsters, protagonists and npcs

1060: T-K.O. colaboration deacon fraser mooot

T-K.O. colaboration deacon fraser mooot // 1280x1620 // 304.2KB

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mooot: the TMI version

1058: AVG

AVG // 3300x2400 // 3.1MB

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gamenator2011: Haven't done some fanart a while. Here are some AVG inspired inks. Looking forward to it's return.
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