1123: Tee-KO deacon fraser mooot teamwork

Tee-KO deacon fraser mooot teamwork // 1280x1620 // 205.4KB

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mooot: the corrected and SFW version.

1117: dragon dragon_hoodie vikaya

dragon dragon_hoodie vikaya // 1350x1350 // 176.1KB

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FATECreator: Saw the tweets about these Draggles, they're so perfectly proportioned and adorably designed! Fantastic Work!

1108: japanese logo video_games_awesome

japanese logo video_games_awesome // 1000x327 // 2.2KB

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euske: Subarasi desu!

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euske: *Subarasi -> Subarashi


1107: board_game ffstv logo

board_game ffstv logo // 1000x346 // 2.2KB

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FATECreator: Alternate logo with a different 'r', all letters left are shifted by one.

1098: halloween mooot spooktober spooky turbobuddies

halloween mooot spooktober spooky turbobuddies // 2560x1280 // 640.3KB

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mooot: another batch of 50 completed...and one more on its way.

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TimberWulf: Emperor Pilaf counts as a Spook?

1103: Becky_Blow becky cup_head video_games_awesome

Becky_Blow becky cup_head video_games_awesome // 3200x3300 // 178.0KB

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FATECreator: A redrawn Cuphead Becky that is higher quality, HQ Mug-head Frash is to follow. Original Cupbuds image was drawn with the goal of completing it before the end of the first Cuphead show, but I wanted to redo them cause the original quality was kinda crappy.

1102: becky cup_head fraser video_games_awesome

becky cup_head fraser video_games_awesome // 1280x1020 // 243.8KB

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Linobro: Ohh man. 30's Frash and Beck looking good.

1091: logo undertale vga

logo undertale vga // 600x480 // 12.5KB

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FATECreator: "This shirt didn't originally say 'COOL,' but I improved it. Expert tip, all clothing articles can be improved this way." - Papyrus

1087: Thumb_Soup

Thumb_Soup // 4961x7016 // 605.5KB

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FATECreator: Just recieved my first graphic's tablet about two days ago, so it's a tad rough around the edges, but I felt it was a good test/demonstration of working in Clip Studio.

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Verrac: Scaling down work to a lower size actually helps make it look smoother, and you'll usually want your pics to not be on such an unwieldly scale anyway, unless you're making it for being printed out really big.
This is looking pretty nice for someone just starting out with a tablet, though xP

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mooot: Maybe use a stabilizer?
Pretty sure that by now every drawing software has one.

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FATECreator: Thanks for the advice guys! Even though it is my first attempt with a tablet I've got ten years of drawing experience with paper and pencil so that helps quite a bit, although I specialize mainly with just Character Portraits-either way, I'm just glad to finally have an eraser for once!

1084: Ganon_and_the_Pig_Fucker's ganon the_legend_of_zelda zelda

Ganon_and_the_Pig_Fucker's ganon the_legend_of_zelda zelda // 440x560 // 15.8KB

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FATECreator: As is tradition when I make art, I tend to only notice the flaws and mistakes after I've uploaded a work, this is a corrected version of the poster removing the white streak found to the left and correcting the inner triangle of the Triforce of Power.

This is the uncensored version of this poster, the censored version changes the term "Fucker's" to "Mucker's".
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