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bigmonongo: How do you make these! They are SOOO Good! they blow me away on how fast you can do them and how good! please tell me the secrets! :D
love your work man, please keep it up :3

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gamenator2011: Thanks dude. I use Illustrator and Photoshop. I retrace what I can with the pen tools and try to match the original lettering and graphics as close as possible to the original and try to find text font files when available.

I usually make them while watching an episode for inspiration. And it's positive comments like yours that keep me going and making more. People like Melli who also make awesome logos inspire me to improve and get better at it.

Glad to see people enjoy them so much :)

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bigmonongo: No problem man! when ever I see art like this, i get so inspired to at least try to make something as good as the art i saw. But of course, I am far from a good artist.
Anyway, cheers man! REALLY love the art! :D